Adina Manual Pocketwatch CT127 S1FP

Innovative and practical the Australian built manual Adina pocketwatch CT127 S1FP combines fantastic readability of the time in an extremely robust case.  Worn off the the wrist in a purpose built pouch (available separately) this pocketwatch will give maximum movement of the wrist and will help avoid any workplace wrist injuries. As with all Adina watches this watch has been completely assembled by hand in Australia. Available also with a black numbered dial.


This Adina manual pocketwatch CT127 S1FP especially designed for the hard working, tough Australian farmer or “tradie”. This pocket watch is a revelation. It is constructed from robust nickel free, marine grade stainless steel, the 44mm case houses the manual hand wind Swiss Made movement. The classic and clear to read, white numbered dial is also protected by a highly scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Which when used in conjunction with the purpose made pocket watch pouch (available separately) will keep the watch very well protected in all daily situations. Being an Australian watch manufacturer we know keeping the water out is a top priority! This watch is rated 10ATM water resistant and doing that is a heavily protected the 3 o’clock position steel bi-oring crown. This crown set up is offering superior water and dust protection. Available also with a black numbered dial. As with all Adina watches this watch has been completely assembled by hand in Brisbane, Australia.


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