Our story

Engage Jewellery has been creating the finest quality jewellery for Melburnians and visitors to our great city since 2006.  Paul Rubinstein had a vision to give people the jewellery his customers wanted and not just the jewellery he happened to have in stock. For this reason Engage Jewellery specialises in custom designed and manufactured jewellery, including diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, in both classic and contemporary styles.

Among the services we offer are jewellery and watch repairs as well as jewellery remodelling.

Paul -a qualified jeweller, gemmologist and jewellery (CAD) designer- had many years experience in the jewellery manufacturing, retail and wholesale industry and realised that the market was moving towards high-quality bespoke items of jewellery rather than mass-produced generic pieces. Engage Jewellery has an emphasis on creating the finest quality -often unique- jewellery while still maintaining competitive, reasonable, prices. We offer free quotations before going ahead.

Paul believes Engage Jewellery excels in design, quality, value, customer service but especially trust knowing that jewellery is often the most precious (sentimental rather than only monetarily valuable) possession in our lives. It is one of the few items to be adored and adorned everyday, to be rescued in case of emergency and to be entrusted to loved ones as an heirloom that is passed on through the generations as well as to be given as a gift to mark the most important moments in our lives.  For these reasons Engage Jewellery is not only fully insured but is also a member of both the Gemmological and Jewellery Associations of Australia –the two most important jewellery organisations in Australia- by which we ensure a commitment to our customers in maintaining the highest standards of workmanship and ethics when you entrust your precious items with us for repair or remodelling or engage us to make you an item of jewellery.

Paul Rubinstein


Environmental commitment

Ethically Sourced diamonds, gemstones and materials

Engage Jewellery uses ethnically sourced diamonds, gemstones and materials whether from Australia or internationally ensuring they are conflict free and sourced from signatories of the Kimberly Process.


Shop Local

We are a proud locally owned and operated Melbourne small business. Wherever possible we manufacture here, in Melbourne, and source from local suppliers unless otherwise of benefit to our customers.  By shopping with us, even via our online store, you’re shopping locally and this not only benefits the local economy but also covers you under Australian Consumer Law. Something that is not the case when you shop at an international, often faceless and without a physical address, online website. In other words, you are guaranteed to get what you ordered and it will be up to Australian standards and expectations. As an independent jeweller we take pride in our work and value long-term relationships with our clientele and our local community.