Adina Oceaneer Sports Dress Watch RW14 G0RB

To describe the Adina Oceaneer sports dress watch RW14 G0RB as a stand out in the Oceaneer collection might be going a bit far but this 100 metre rated Oceaneer model, is a model designed to turn heads! It is slightly bigger than a traditional ladies wrist watch. The bigger size that gives this watch a presence in any company. It is bold but not brashy, sophisticated yet not a snob and functional with out being boring. Her elegant lines effortlessy combine. The flowing cold stamped, solid stainless case is a revelation. The case features a sapphire crystal glass. A flat luxurious fitting and feeling all stainless steel bracelet completes the story. This is but the beginning, as the mother of pearl dial printed with orthodox roman numerals, continue to encapsulate a symphony of individually crafted components that work together harmoniously. At home in any part of Australian life the Adina Oceaneer dress watch RW14 G0RB  is sure to become a signature model in this already legendary collection.



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