Adina Automatic Bond University Graduation Watch CT112 S6XB

Straight up this is a stunning time piece. At home anywhere you choose to take it, from the beach to a night out on the town this Australian built Adina Automatic Amphibian is a touch of luxury you never need take off. You would expect nothing less of a watch that carries the auspicious Bond University crest. Embelished subtley with the Bond logo in a versitile two tone finish, it is a true statement in Australian style. The perfect graduation gift, please contact the University directly to purchase your piece of Bond University history.


A moment in time. An age-old adage that acknowledges time past, present and future. Adina Watches, an Australian founded watchmaking company, have partnered with Bond University, the Gold Coast based University, to commemorate this significant moment in time by creating a bespoke timepiece that students can purchase upon graduating. Grant Menzies, General Manager of Adina Watches, said it’s an honour to be collaborating with Bond University and to be a part of such an important achievement in student’s lives.

“They say graduation is one of life’s big milestones and Bond University celebrates more than 4,500 students graduating on average every year,” Mr Menzies said. “It is an honour to collaborate with such a renowned institution and provide a custom made and curated timepiece for their students as an elegant reminder of their relationship with the university and time spent on campus learning and with friends. “The watch aims to commemorate all the student has accomplished while at university and celebrate all they will achieve into the future.”

Terri Fellowes, Corporate Communications Manager of Bond University, said the partnership with Adina Watches made sense and gave the University a point of difference. “Adina Watches are known for their luxury craftsmanship and continue to set the standard for true Australian design and technology just as Bond University is proud to be Australia’s first private non-profit university and recognised internationally as a leading independent university,” Mr Fellowes said. “Adina’s strong legacy in the Australian market for the past 45 years was a large reason why we decided to partner with them. We wanted to work with a watchmaking company that understood the value of time and celebrating life’s big moments in a unique way. “Education is a lifelong investment and so partnering with Adina Watches to create a bespoke piece exclusively for Bond University graduates, to acknowledge their efforts and carry them into their futures, was important to us.”

Adina’s Grant Menzies is confident the watch will become an object of desire for future generations. “It’s been designed to last the test of time and will be a classic piece that students can hand down as a family heirloom when their loved ones graduate from Bond University in decades to come,” Mr. Menzies said.

It is exclusively available to Bond University Bachelor, Masters and PhD graduates for purchase.


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